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Tom Case - Walk In Coma

"We've worked with Katie since 2016 and her dedication and commitment to the bands she works with and the live music scene are second to none. She is kind, warm and approachable and has always gone the extra mile to build a strong relationship with us that we hope may long continue."

 Byron 'Beej' Garbett - Gin Annie

"Katie is quite simply amazing. The support she provides on a professional level is an invaluable asset to our band. Her support beyond that as a friend is priceless. Her determination and sheer talent to promote, build and grow the bands she works with is well known and highly regarded. It's not a matter of 'should you work with Hell Fire' it's a matter of 'why aren't you already doing just that."

Doddy White - Promoter

"Having worked with Katie for the last year and a half, I'm sure Hell Fire Music Entertainment will be helping new bands with the support and promotion they deserve."

Craig Bailey - ERB Magazine

“It is clear straight away from the moment you meet Katie that she has a total passion for what she does. Everything is done with complete professionalism and always with a smile and a light touch that is reflected by all those she works with. Katie sets the standard and everyone else works hard to keep up...and she gives the best hugs!!"

Jo Embury - Rockwich & NHS Operating Dept Practitioner 

"I have had the honour to know Katie Richardson both professionally and personally, The lengths she does to to support and nurture up and coming bands is commendable. She is honest, hard working and very reliable and every task you give her she meets with a smile and will complete it to a high standard. I'd trust Katie with my life and that in it's self speaks volumes as I'm a medical professional and don't trust very easily."

Tom - Coldharbour

“Katie is wonderful and very professional. She pours all her passion, energy and talent into every band she works with to bring out the best in them and help them grow. There are special few in this business that will go to the lengths she will."
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